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Bid Desk Transformation Services

Our AI enabled Bid Desk Transformation services are singularly focused on efficiently growing our client’s business.

Bid Desk Redesign

Our Bid Desk Redesign Services are tailored for companies aiming to boost their bidding effectiveness and align with strategic goals.


We begin by assessing your current capabilities and comparing them to our 5-phase maturity framework to pinpoint improvement areas.


We then enhance your workflow's agility and flexibility, designing and implementing a customized roadmap that targets these gaps.

What you get:

  • Bid desk maturity assessment of your current As-is State

  • Customized roadmap of your desired To-be state

  • Workflow optimization and Process redesign, training and deployment support

What it does for your business:

  • 10% - 50% cost savings

  • 10% - 20% improvement in bid turnaround time

  • Improved employee engagement and lower turnover

AI Implementation

Our AI Implementation service is designed for companies seeking to leverage artificial intelligence in their bid response processes.


We utilize our proprietary AI Value Proposition Canvas to analyze and streamline the implementation process, from defining key issues to outlining potential revenue enhancements.

What you get:

  • AI readiness audit including feasibility, readiness, and maturity assessment.   

  • Tailored strategy development that includes tools selection, change management plan, deployment strategy, data governance and metrics.

What it does for your business:

  • 85% increase in productivity

  • 70% increase in drafting speed

  • 30% - 50% increase in win rate

  • Full implementation support including workflow redesign, process documentation, training and upskilling of your team.

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