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Our consulting services focus on growing our clients’ business. We bring extensive functional expertise in Technology, Product Development, R&D, Project Management, B2G Capture, Business Strategy, Bids and Proposals and pair it with our strategic approach to public procurement. We strive to build a strong collaboration with our clients to combine their deep business knowledge with our expertise to create tailored solutions that greatly improve the odds of success in competitive solicitations. Our services are mutually synergistic and have deliberately been designed to be in lockstep with the procurement process of large complex government acquisitions.


Public procurement Process

Acquisition planning


Procurement initiation


Contract award

Hovester Service offering





Post-submission support

> Lead Identification


> Risk Analysis


> Market Analysis


> L2A Process Design

> Competitive Assessment

> Positioning

> Price to Win

> Capture Plan

> Win Strategy

> Bid Strategy & Planning

> Solutioning 

> Solution Validation

> Cost Validation

> Proposal Preparation​

> Proposal Submission

> Proposal Revision

> Q&A Response

> Contract Negotiations

Lead to award journey


Our Strategic Procurement approach is tailored to shape bids from the onset to be outcome and solution-focused rather than output-focused. This enables our clients to provide innovative solutions and business processes to competitive solicitation process. We also recognize that greater emphasis on sustainable procurement has been gaining momentum in the public. We are strong advocates of green, social and ethical procurement and in the age of "greenwashing" with many respondents making broad but unsubstantiated claims, Hovester Advisory Group is here to advise you on how to implement strategies that truly achieve the intended outcomes. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you grow your business.


At Hovester our procurement consulting services are industry agnostic but we primarily focus on the following industries (A&D,  transportation, construction, smart cities). We drew lessons from industries with a highly complex procurements (Aerospace& Defence, Smart Cities, Construction, Transportation) and we deliver value to our clients by cross pollinating best practices in their respective industries. We have the biggest impact in non-commodity, technology based and highly complex government acquisitions.



Public Transportation








Why US?

  • Experience: 20+ years of industry experience and 50+ years in the public sector

  • Expertise: Strategy, Bids and Proposal and Business Capture, Technology, Project Management

  • Client focused and Partnership mindset: we work closely and collaboratively with our clients to tailor bids and proposals for specific procurement opportunities.

  • Proven track record of winning large government contracts ($500M+)

  • Extensive collaboration network in industry and government

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