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Seizing Opportunities for Canadian SMEs in the $19B Future Fighter Capability Project (FFCP)

On June 5th 2023, Public Services and Procurement Canada hosted an insightful information session on FFCP – the largest procurement in a generation for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

💰 Under FFCP, Canada is acquiring 88 advanced fighter jets, training and sustainment services in a significant $19B contract. The agreement, finalized on January 2023 with Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, and the U.S Government, is a pivotal step towards strengthening our national fighter capability and ecosystem.

Key takeaways:

👉 The Economic Benefits Arrangement (EBA) is applicable as opposed to the traditional Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs).

👉 EBA is not a contractual obligation.

👉 Canadian industry will secure contracts based on best value propositions.

👉 Economic activity equivalent to the bid value must be completed within 25 years.

👉There are currently 36 active contractors in Canada, each contributing to a diverse range of manufacturing and services. (see the picture below for an overview of Canada’s current industrial participation)

💡 This agreement paves the way for opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, Canadian companies stand to compete for and win global/regional F-35 sustainment opportunities.

If your company seeks to harness this potential, it's imperative to understand how to position yourself effectively within this framework.

ℹ For more information or guidance on competing and winning F-35 sustainment opportunities, feel free to reach out via e-mail or LinkedIn.

💪 Let's seize this opportunity to contribute to a significant chapter in our nation's defence strategy while propelling our businesses towards global recognition.


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